I can’t find a transcript…

…but I’ve got a reader who says that Rumsfeld called 9/11 a “blessing in disguise” at his briefing this morning.

Anybody got a link?

Update: this is from a week or so ago, but seems to be the same thought.

I met with the Sultan of Oman in a tent a month or two I suppose after the September 11th period. He said something that just struck me. He said, Mr. Secretary, I hate to even say this but it may be that September 11th was a blessing in disguise. I said why? In what way? He said because the weapons today are very dangerous and so powerful and can kill not 3,000 but 30,000 or 300,000 human beings. Maybe, just maybe, it will be the wakeup call for the world, that they will recognize that this new century [inaudible] and the difference in the threats we face today from the threats we faced before.