Biltmore update

A reader sent an email to Grand Heritage’s Regional Director of Operations for the Northeast concerning my little overbilling problem at what some of you have very unkindly begun to term the “Bilkmore.” (This site, of course, in no way condones such irreverent disrespect.)

This is the response he got:

I appreciate your taking the time to express your concerns about an email you saw on the internet. I do wish that you would consider that there could be more to this than what the person wrote on the site. Every day we focus all of our intention on guest satisfaction. In any instance where a guest feels that we have not met their expectations, we make every effort to rectify the situation. That is our business and we take it very seriously. I would encourage you to come and visit us. In fact, I would love to have you as my guest so that you can experience what we believe is a 100% effort every day to be at your service. I do believe that fairness knows both sides of the story and I am sure you would agree.

Apparently by “every effort to rectify the situation” they mean “refuse to admit error and then threaten to sue the guest.”

At any rate, I’ve gone ahead and filed with the credit card company. It’s an open-and-shut case, so there’s no question that I’ll get the money back — it’ll just take a little longer. But it saves me any more wasted time dealing with these people.

Update: do you think the invitation to stay as this exec’s “guest” means she’s offering the guy a free room? Layers upon layers of irony if so.

Tangential update: here’s somebody who knows how to file a complaint.