Jesus Hates Democrats

Well, apparently John Roberts is pro-gay and Bill Frist is pro-choice. I wouldn’t get too excited about either one of these speculations, but anything that’ll piss off the self-righteous culture warriors on Crybaby Sunday is good news in my book. With the program’s stated theme of “God Save the United States and this Honorable Court”[1], I wonder now how they’ll react to this revelation about Roberts knowing that it might mean trading Roe v. Wade for “Adam and Steve”. Considering that the host of the previous theocratic pep rally is the subject of a big “Fuck You” on the homepage of the Family Research Council[2], I suggest that Judge Roberts shine his ass-kissin’ shoes and start studying Leviticus.

1 : Just reading this trumpery makes me gag a little. I can’t imagine actually sitting through this bullshit.

2 : You’ve gotta wonder how all that research has been going.