Good to see the FBI has them:

WASHINGTON, July 17 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected at least 3,500 pages of internal documents in the last several years on a handful of civil rights and antiwar protest groups in what the groups charge is an attempt to stifle political opposition to the Bush administration.

The F.B.I. has in its files 1,173 pages of internal documents on the American Civil Liberties Union, the leading critic of the Bush administration’s antiterrorism policies, and 2,383 pages on Greenpeace, an environmental group that has led acts of civil disobedience in protest over the administration’s policies, the Justice Department disclosed in a court filing this month in a federal court in Washington.

There are two possibilities here. One, the FBI is engaging in domestic surveillance of the president’s political adversaries. Two, some pigeon-brained Freeper at the FBI genuinely believes that the ACLU is a terrorist organization. In either case, they’ve obviously wasted substantial resources which might otherwise have been used to, oh, I don’t know, track actual terrorists. Someone should lose their job, but probably won’t.