The piece I did for the Voice on the upcoming Supreme Court battle is online here.

In other news: I was admittedly skeptical of the Huffington Post when it first went online, but you know, it kind of grew on me. And as it turns out, I’ve been invited to pitch my two cents in from time to time. Which means it’s all getting a bit promiscuous: while I may occasionally cross-post on that site, several writers are cross-posting on mine, and a least a couple of them have guest bloggers of their own. And I’m all for it. As far as this site is concerned, the experiment in group-blogging has been more successful than I would have ever imagined, and I’m grateful to each of the experimentees: Billmon, Greg, Jeanne, Bob, and of course the blogless but nevertheless entertaining Jack Hitt. With the obvious exception of the latter, you should visit them at home — they’ve usually got stuff there that they don’t put up here.

Finally, go pay skippy a visit — he’s on the final push to hit the million visitor mark, and You Can Help.