One quick post in search of a headline

Since Greg comments on part of what Drum says, I feel obliged to weigh in on the rest:

I actually agree with the overall gist of Christopher Hitchens’ latest column in Slate. He argues that it’s absurd to think you’ve scored some kind of withering putdown of war supporters by pointing out that most of them (and their sons) haven’t volunteered for duty. Since I support police, fire, and social welfare programs despite the fact that I’m not a police officer, a firefighter, or a social worker, I think he’s right on this.

Of course, the crucial distinction is that we, as a society, don’t tend to deliberately start unnecessary fires and then ask firemen to risk their lives trying to extinguish them. We don’t deliberately stage hostage dramas or bank robberies for no apparent reason and then send the police in to resolve the matter. And so on. Clumsy metaphor, but you get the idea. This war was not some random act of God, fate or nature. This war was optional. And as such, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask its supporters if they are willing to encourage their own children to enlist (or, if they are Young Republicans, if they’ll be volunteering for duty soon). Because if the answer is “no,” then they only support the war insofar as others bear the brunt of it. And they deserve to be called on it.