I get information from a lot of sources, and I don’t thank The New York Times or the Washington Post or The Nation every time an article inspires a cartoon idea. But this week’s cartoon was inspired by several successive posts on Atrios’ site, so I do feel like I should at least tip my hat in his (her?) direction.

And on the subject of Congresswoman Myrick, my editor at Creative Loafing in Charlotte, John Grooms, sends the following:

We’ve been reporting on her goofy, backward ideas and borderline insanity for years. Just for your entertainment, you might want to know a bit more about her. She was mayor of Charlotte in the late 80s. She claimed that she and her husband (the Ed mentioned in your cartoon) had agonized over whether she should run, and so they did what any normal couple would do: they made an altar in a sand dune at the beach and prayed and apparently got the go-ahead from God then and there. But later she still had doubts about running and, I shit you not, claimed she heard a voice telling her to run coming out of her coffeemaker.

According to John, she also ran a re-election campaign claiming to be the “morally superior” candidate, at least until Creative Loafing pulled court records proving that she had helped to break up Ed’s first marriage in the usual fashion. She still won.