Republicans are relentless

They’re like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead. Stop one at the door, you’ve got five more clawing through the window. They just never give up. And of course, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is one of the things they’ve had in their sights forever, and as you’re certainly aware, a relentless clawing zombie named Ken Tomlinson is currently doing his best to bring that institution down from the inside. And using CPB’s own money to do it, apparently:

Investigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are examining $15,000 in payments to two Republican lobbyists last year that were not disclosed to the corporation’s board, people involved in the inquiry said on Wednesday.

One of the lobbyists was retained at the direction of the corporation’s Republican chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, they said, and the other at the suggestion of his Republican predecessor, who remains on the board.

The investigators, in the corporation’s inspector general’s office, are also examining $14,170 in payments made under contracts – which Mr. Tomlinson took the unusual step of signing personally, also without the knowledge of board members – with a man in Indiana who provided him with reports about the political leanings of guests on the “Now” program when its host was Bill Moyers.