The New Crusades

I know criticizing a column at WorldNetDaily is like shooting fish in a barrel, but this guy’s asking for it. In “Welcome to my first column”1, the author argues that Christianity is going to take over the entire world and in the process wipe out secular humanism and “liberal Christianity, whose basic tenets are the opposite of the Bible”2. In order to prove his case, he resorts to hackish extrapolation like this :

In 1900, there were 2 million evangelical or charismatic Christians in Africa. By 2000, there were 200 million. In Latin America during that period, the born-again population zoomed from 1 million to 170 million. And in China, just since 1950, Christianity has exploded from fewer than a million to almost 120 million.
. . .
Now, straight-line projections are silly because nothing ever goes in a straight line. But just to give you a comically precise picture of our current momentum: At 8 percent growth a year, the world would have more Christians than people by the fall of 2032!

If you really think straight-line projections are “silly”, why build an entire article around them?? Maybe he believes that by 2032, Christianity will be so popular, it’ll start spreading to domesticated animals, inanimate objects, or reanimated corpses.

My research for my new book, “Megashift,” has found 52 countries where God has brought people back from the dead, mostly in the last 20 years. And these are not near-death experiences, where someone on an operating-room table passes out and sees himself going down a long tunnel. These are stone-dead corpses.

Also, for what it’s worth, I have zero interest in flying saucers, crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, the anti-Christ, or the sexual preference of Spongebob Squarepants.

Whew! Glad we cleared that one up. For a minute there I thought he might be kinda crazy.

1 : Yeah, that’s really the name of the column.

2 : Personally, I blame all those liberal women who insist on wearing pants.