One more thought on the bandwidth issue

A few of you have apologized for visiting the site so frequently, or for using it as your homepage. Don’t. (Apologize, I mean.) The last thing I want to do is discourage people from visiting — that would be completely counter-productive.

Hopefully in the next week or so, we’ll get the site moved to a new host and bandwidth will no longer be an issue, with a couple of small exceptions — the animation page is probably going to have to go, and I’ll probably post fewer images on the blog. The latter turn out to be huge bandwidth hogs, even when you’re using small files, when you consider that the images are downloaded every time for every return visitor until the archive cycles through. (Bloggers beware — it could happen to you.)

In the meantime, some pages on the site are down, but the blog is open for business. Except, um, that I have to get busy stuffing calendars into envelopes…