I’ve had occasion to deal with both MacConnection and MacMall this week. MacConnection was superb to deal with. MacMall, however…somehow I accidentally ordered two of these little peripheral gizmos when I only needed one, and trying to call to straighten it out, I’ve now been on hold for 24 minutes and counting, listening to 80’s era Phil Collins music periodically interrupted by the “please continue to hold your business is important to us” message.

It goes without saying that MacMall will never get any of my business, ever again. And I’m kind of hoping they won’t get yours either.

…35 minutes. Part of me is tempted to see just how long they’ll leave a customer on hold, but my phone battery is almost exhausted, and it’s beginning to look as if the answer is “indefinitely.” Looks like I may have an extra KVM switch for sale, if anyone needs one.