Friedman’s new book

Has anyone read it yet? I’m curious if the wholly-discredited tale of the fabulously wealthy t-shirt entrepreneur was ressurected. (If you don’t remember that one, click here. It’s a great story.)

…the entrepreneur himself sends an update:

I sure hope the t-shirt story isn’t in Friedman’s book. I’d hate to have to buy a copy!

As for t-shirt sales, I ended up selling about 25 of the “My Job Went To India” shirts. Most of those were a result of your blog and some residuals links. I think I netted around $35, which I guess is the new definition of “fabulously wealthy.”

Since the original Friedman article, my job at Charles Schwab DID go to India. Unable to find work as a mainframe programmer, I’ve returned to school to learn to be an Xray Technician, which will pay about half the pay I had been earning as a programmer.

Oh well, as long as I have $35 in my pocket, I’ll have a positive outlook.

His shirts are here. And if you have absolutely no idea what any of this is about, I do encourage you to click on the other link. Because this guy exemplifies the future that Friedman is so excited about.