I was trying to explain the whole Powerline/Schiavo memo thing to my wife, who pays a healthy, which is to say, minimal amount of attention to the incessant chatter of the blogs. Short version: somebody spoon fed these guys something tasty once, and now they think they’re master chefs.

Ezra has the longer version:

Powerline, we must begin to understand, has no fucking idea what they’re talking about at any given moment. Once upon a time, some GOP operative sent by the Ghost of Nixon got something right for them in the Free Republic comments section, and ever since then the homo-erotically named bloggers over there have thought his success their own and tried to get a bunch of other Important Stories About Treasonous Democrats right too. But they don’t. Reading their site is like watching a blind child in a dog park — you keep trying to warn him not to step in the piles of shit, but you’re never able to get there quite quick enough. They want to make a point on Carter and end up calling him a traitor — ooh, all over your shoe! They want to attack the AP but end up proving themselves utterly ignorant of how cameras work — damn, you got it on your sock! They try to accuse Democrats of faking the Schiavo memo until an aide to current Republican Senator and Bush’s former HUD Secretary Mel Martinez admits to writing it — Agh, it’s all over you!

* * *

Also, a heads up: the Press Club panel with Wonkette, Yglesias and Gannon/Guckert is being repeated on CSpan2 at 8pm tonight. It’s apparently quite the laff riot.