Moron of the day

Byron York.

As Atrios notes:

…the book’s extended title is even more ridiculous:”How [assorted evil liberals] Tried to Bring Down a President and Why They’ll Try Even Harder Next time.”

Well, “next time” presumably is 2008, at which point unless there are some constitutional amendments pending that I’m not aware of, we won’t be trying to “bring down a president” through that subversive communist activity known as an “election” because he’ll be term-limited out.

The “vast right wing conspiracy” was a term used to describe all the backroom players who were trying to destroy Clinton by various devious methods behind the scenes. Judging the book by its cover — admittedly something one is often advised not to do — the “vast left wing conspiracy” appears to be a term used to describe various citizens who are deviously making movies and publishing websites and broadcasting radio shows in an underhanded attempt to sway people through the force of their arguments.