Site business

You’ll notice from the house ads that the shop has been updated. Posters are mainly there by popular demand — they’re a very low-profit item for me, and reformatting the files is a pain in the ass, but a whole lot of you have requested them, so there they are. My gift to you. Pillows just struck me as funny. I don’t usually keep a lot of my own artwork around the house — oddly enough, I don’t find it relaxing to be surrounded by too many reminders of work and deadlines — but I’ll probably get a couple of these for my own couch.

Other bidness: ad revenue has really dried up since the election, so I’ve lowered my prices a bit. Also, I’m adding classified ads to the right hand sidebar. (Should show up as soon as BlogAds processes whatever it is they need to process.) These will be text only and very cheap.

(Good months, I hope to earn a few extra dollars from this site, but even during the slow months, I’d like to at least cover the hosting costs. Which are probably too high — I moved to a high traffic plan when I was getting whacked on bandwidth awhile back — but I don’t have the time to deal with moving the site again right now.)

Tomorrow’s the birthday, hitting the double-four. Thanks again to everyone who sent something off the wish list. It is much appreciated.