Slowly, for the mouth breathers

Obviously, the point is not that Gannon/Guckert is gay.

The point is that a fake journalist working for a fake news website, who was apparently leading a double life — allegedly even running an illegal business — somehow gained access to one of the most secure facilities on the face of the planet, under a fake name, in order to ask fake questions the White House wanted asked during press conferences.

You don’t get into the White House by showing up and flashing a press pass that you Photoshopped together and had the local copy shop laminate. And you certainly don’t get into the White House briefing room by virtue of working for a freshly minted partisan website, unless you are very well connected. The point is, the White House and/or its surrogates really shouldn’t be in the business of inventing fake news agencies in order to manipulate public opinion. But they were, and they got caught. (…and it should go without saying that this goes waaaay beyond the “tradition” we’ve heard so much about lately of making sure you’ve got a friendly journalist in the audience. Fox News wasn’t friendly enough, for chrissakes?)

Gannon/Guckert’s alleged porn sites and “escort” activities are relevant in that they highlight the utter incompetence of the administration — somebody somehow thought it would be a bright idea to use this guy, and nobody bothered to vet him to see if they were going to end up with egg on their faces. Any right winger who pretends that G/G worked for a legit news agency and is simply the innocent victim of a gay witch hunt is either too stupid to tie his own shoes in the morning, or is breathtakingly dishonest. No third choice.

(some editing)