Note to Amazon

One of the items a generous reader purchased off my wish list never arrived. I can’t seem to get a reply via your normal channels. Please contact me so we can sort this out.

Update: Okay, so I heard from Amazon…apparently some idiot there shipped the wish list item to the purchaser, rather than to me. And they now say there’s nothing to be done. Of course, there was no way for me to ever know any of this, since the item in question (the book City: Urbanism and its End) still shows on the ‘purchased’ list. So, to the person who bought this for me — they claim the book was shipped to you. So either you have a book you didn’t want or you’ve had to hassle with sending it back. In any case, I apologize for the headache. And unless somebody at Amazon gets this straightened out, like, today, and gets this book in the mail to me, I’m pulling the wish list, as well as the affiliate link, off this site. I don’t care what your standard policy is. You screwed up. Fix it.

I’ve spent enough time on this today — I’m still trying to get this week’s cartoon written. But several people have passed along Amazon’s deliberately hard-to-find customer service number, which may be useful to some of you: 1-800-201-7575.