Gannon, cont’d

Salon has an excellent rundown.

And a reader retrieves Gannon’s site from the memory hole, via that reliable foe of revisionists everywhere, the Google cache. Some samples of the masterful writing that earned the mysterious Mr. Gannon access to the press room in one of the most secure buildings on the planet:

Social Security reform has long been regarded as the “third rail” of American politics, a comparison of an attempt to change FDR’s retirement program to making contact with a subway car’s electrical source. The warning is clear: touch it and you die. It has scared off politicians for decades, but President Bush has decided to defy those who lack the moral courage to save a system that most young people doubt will ever pay them benefits.

* * *
The Old Media has been promoting the idea that George W. Bush should tone down or cancel his inaugural celebration because we are at war and the tsunami, world hunger, etc.

Oddly enough there have been no calls for canceling the Oscars, the Super Bowl, the President’s Day federal holiday or Donald Trump’s wedding.

* * *

There were many more ties between al Qaeda and Iraq than there were between the White House and Enron. So how come the Democrats spend so much time talking about Ken Lay instead of Saddam Hussein?

“A comparison of an attempt to change FDR’s retirement program to making contact with a subway car’s electrical source.” Whew. If only Bulwer-Lytton had an award for journalists. Or fake journalists as the case may be. (Speaking of fake news, what a shame that the Daily Show is on hiatus this week. This is their fantasy story come to life.)

And by the way, just in case my mention of my own visit to the White House wasn’t explicit enough — they take your social security number, they run a background check. It took about two hours for me to get clearance to enter the building. I can’t imagine how you’d get in under a fake name, unless the approval came from the highest possible level. And that’s the point of this little scandal.

Speaking of which — Kos posts on something I’ve been meaning to mention, the Eason Jordan so-called “scandal.” Said scandal being, basically, that a guy said something they didn’t like, which is also what the Ward Churchill nonsense ultimately boils down to. Ironic, considering how much noise the right makes about speech codes on campus.

…as I’ve mentioned before, when you’ve got control of all three branches of government, it gets harder and harder to portray yourself as the victim.