Odd confluence

Just heard on CNN that”Deep Throat,” the anonymous Watergate source, is close to death and we may soon know his identity. Went to CNN.com to find something to link to and came up with this.

Here’s the actual story. Anybody know which Nixon-era player is on his deathbed?

Update from reader J.D. Pratt:

The current contender seems to be W. Mark Felt, a
high-level FBI employee who didn’t get along with the
Nixon crew. There was already a strong case for him
(including suggestions from Woodward’s ex-wife and son
that Felt was DT). He’s 90 years old, in ill health,
and suffering from dementia. If his health has taken a
turn for the worse (and I’ve not seen any news about
his current condition, one way or the other), then
that would be a very strong sign that Woodward was
about to name him.

Woodward actually flew out to meet him (in his little
house in San Jose) back in 1999 when he fell ill,
which suggests a non-trivial link between Felt and