The foolishness never ends

Fortunately alicublog never tires:

Jim Geraghty wants to know why “lefty bloggers” are not attacking the Motion Picture Academy for failing to give Fahrenheit 911 an Oscar nomination. “I just find it interesting that web personalities who one would think would be big Michael Moore fans are collectively shrugging their shoulders over this,” he says. The Ole Perfesser indeeds, and Roger Simon takes the idiocy to breathtaking levels by suggesting that Million Dollar Baby, Sideways et alia got the top slots instead because “Most people in Hollywood now see, although maybe they won’t admit it, that democracy in Iraq is extremely important.”

— snip —

Jesus Christ. Imagine needing the comfort of popular approbation so badly that you would voluntarily comb through movie award nominations in search of comforting zeitgeist pellets! Yet these guys do it all the time. They sit around figuring out which movies are conservative. Hell, they’ll even tell you what sorts of paintings and unread-gift-books are conservatively correct.

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