The wankery du jour


The accusations about Kos being a Armstrong Williams-esque shill for Howard Dean are bullshit. Everyone knows it. Why are we even bothering trying to legitimately counter it? It’s bullshit, we all know it’s bullshit, the right-wingers all know it’s bullshit. But they know the “Al Gore invented the internet” line is bullshit too, and you still see it in weblog comments.

Oliver Willis or Jesse Taylor could write 2,000 of the most eloquent, intelligent words on the dangers of the current Middle East crisis. Within the first five comments, some dipshit loser will simply respond “oh, I suppose you’d rather have the army run by a guy who raped a retard in ‘Nam, wouldn’t you?”

They don’t care. They don’t care about their own self-evaluations. What matters- the only thing that matters- is that they said something they think was really clever on the comments section of some person they’ve likely never met.

Heh, indeed, etc. The Kos pile-on is the perfect example of what I was talking about here. Right wingers are really, really good at this crap, at maneuvering liberals and lefties into a corner from which they must sputter, “We’re not robots and/or aliens! Really, we’re not!”

I mean, this nonsense spills out of the blogs and onto Fox and suddenly O’Reilly is equating Kos’s relationship with Dean — which he fully disclosed, which I remember being completely aware of at the time — to Armstrong Williams secretly receiving nearly a quarter million dollars of taxpayer money. Bullshit, pure and simple.