The predictions game

Prognostication is tough. Even when you get the generalities right, you’re likely to be wrong on the specifics. Nonetheless, almost every writer Andrew Sullivan holds up to ridicule in this blast-from-the-past (link via Atrios) was far more prescient than Sullivan himself. Yes, he’s exhibited some vague semblance of rationality on the war lately, but I’ll take him seriously when he starts apologizing to the various recipients of his snarky little awards, and acknowledges that overall, they were right and he was very, very wrong.

…scroll up past the entry linked and there are more oldies-but-goodies, like this one:

V-H AWARD VIII: “Have you ever seen such amazing arrogance wedded to such awesome incompetence?” – Molly Ivins, March 16, 2003. No, Molly, I haven’t. The liberal media have had a terrible, terrible war.

Someone with more time than me should really spend a couple of days going through Sullivan’s archives and compiling these classics. He was generous enough to share his wisdom with us, it would be a shame to let it all fall into the memory hole.