Poor oppressed conservatives

This week’s cartoon is about the current dichotomy of the Right — the inability to reconcile the fact that they are currently firmly in charge of everything with their incessant desire to whine about their victimization. The solution: whine about the oppression they face in lesser arenas, such as the academy. In other words, go after the college professors. Heard Hannity this afternoon, urging his younger listeners to tape their professors, and expose their liberal malfeasance for all to see, yadda yadda. They want us to become a nation of informers, or maybe more accurately, tattletales.

And if you’ve been watching O’Reilly lately, you know that the falafel man is “watching out for Christmas!” Because nobody else is, apparently. This is big on Fox and talk radio in general this year — this backlash against the perceived secularization of the holiday season. Christmas is in jeopardy! As if. As if religious faith is in any danger whatsoever in this nation. As if a politician could get elected dog catcher without professing his deep and abiding faith in a Supreme Being.

People think that the re-election of Bush makes my job easier for another four years, but honestly, I’m really sick of these sixth-grade-level debates.