A couple more gift ideas

Not my stuff — I said I’d stop pimping it, and I will. But a couple of my friends have books out that you ought to consider.

— Ruben Bolling has just released an oversized, 224-page compilation of his Tom the Dancing Bug strip. I stayed up too late last night reading this one. You certainly must be familiar with Ruben’s work, if not, all I can say is that it’s one of the few comic strips I can read at this point in my life and still be reminded why I loved comics in the first place.

— If you read Wil Wheaton’s site, you know his writing is funny and poignant. He’s collected his best and expanded on it in Just a Geek. A fine gift for anyone interested in blogging and/or Star Trek. (I know, what are the chances that there’s going to be any overlap there?)