Your tax dollars at work


The first flight test in nearly two years of a planned U.S. missile-defense shield has been scrapped two days in a row this week because of bad weather, the Pentagon said on Friday.

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The target missile was to be fired in Kodiak, Alaska, to vary engagement angles tested in previous launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The first attempt to conduct the test this week was scrubbed by clouds over Kodiak.

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“The target launch time and location, the flight trajectory, the point of impact, what the target looks like, and the make-up of other objects in the target cluster have all been known in advance to plot the intercept,” he said. “No enemy would cooperate by providing all that information in advance.”

So the Reagan-era dream of a space umbrella keeping us all safe from harm is about to be realized…as long as the enemy attacks us on a sunny day and gives us the target coordinates in advance.

(Via Bob.)