Ladies who lunch, unite!

They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more:

Responding to France and Germany’s opposition to the U.S. position on Iraq, the Women’s Republican Club of New Trier Township is taking action.

The 70-year-old club passed a unanimous resolution Monday to boycott all goods manufactured in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. They are also urging people to boycott travel to those nations.

The resolution also expresses the group’s profound disappointment with those nations’ lack of support for the United States and efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein.

“Members of the group felt very strongly and wanted to communicate their feelings about France and Germany’s response for requests to protect Turkey and also on their Security Council stand,” said Jackie Benson, a club member.

Member Eva Sorock said she believes an economic boycott for the group is a natural fit.

“People in this area are always purchasing goods from France and Germany,” Sorock said. “This is a good symbolic message.”

French cosmetics and wines, Belgian chocolates, and German beers and luxury automobiles such as Mercedes and BMW, are targeted in the economic boycott.

Because of today’s global economy, Nancy Bohrer, the group’s president, encouraged participants to carefully identify a product’s origin.

Since the Mercedes M class is manufactured in the United States, not Germany, and Godiva chocolates made for American distribution are produced in Pennsylvania, not Belgium, these products are exempt from the boycott.

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And then there’s this. (I had no idea how prescient this cartoon would turn out to be…)