A new urban legend is born

I heard somebody on an NPR show last week, claiming that the majority of reporters and news anchors and other elitist media types were so thoroughly convinced that Kerry would win, his defeat has sent them into paroxysms of self-doubt and uncertainty and generally convinced them that they are Completely Out of Touch With the American People.

The assertion went unchallenged, of course — I did mention that I heard this on NPR, right? — but it can really only be described, and charitably at that, as complete and utter bullshit. Leaving aside the debate over whether or not this nation’s newsrooms are staffed by closet Marxists who did everything in their power to tilt the electorate toward Comrade Kerry, I don’t know anyone who thought they had any idea how this election was going to turn out. (Sure, partisan pundits spent the campaign season talking their own guy up, but that’s a different matter.) The idea that elitists media types were “certain” Kerry would win is just ludicrous, an outright attempt to rewrite history.