Some changes ahead for the multimedia empire that is This Modern World. The big announcement is that, after six books and about fourteen years, I’m leaving St. Martin’s Press and signing with Tarcher Penguin. My editor at SMP has been astonishingly supportive of my work over the years, and the decision to end our working relationship was not an easy one. But overall, it’s pretty clear that I have reached a plateau at SMP, and sometimes it’s better to start somewhere anew with a fresh group of people who might try to push things a little bit further.

So I’ll have another “normal” size collection coming out (as opposed to the oversized treasury), and it’s going to need a title, which is always my worst thing. This isn’t a contest, per se, but I am open to suggestions, and if someone does come up with something I use, they’ll certainly get a signed print, as well as my eternal gratitude.

The second announcement is that after the next issue, I’ll be leaving The American Prospect. This was my decision, and not the result of any backstage dramas — I’m just a little burned out and want to cut the workload back, and maybe try to clear out some time for other projects. I’ve been running in TAP for about five years, and I just need a break from the extra monthly deadline.