The spirit of inclusion

A reader in Austin shares some perspective on the voters we liberals must reach out to and strive to avoid offending at all costs:

Since I’ve been here I lived in a rural very small town and in the Dallas area before moving to Austin and I’ve met some very nice Democrats in Austin, I knew a fair number in Dallas, too. Austin is NOT as liberal as they’d like you to think. I still don’t let anyone know I’m a Democrats without finding out their political proclivities first.

Texas is unabashedly red and they make no pretense otherwise. As they say here what they intend to do with Democrats is “hunt them down with dogs and kill them” and they aren’t kidding. The cultural difference in the Bay Area and Texas is enough for them to be on different planets.

Ha, ha. Hunt Democrats down with dogs.

…sigh…yes, yes, of course, many of you have different experiences. As has been previously discussed, I don’t believe that everyone in a “red” state is a pickup-driving gun-toting Klan member. I don’t even buy the red/blue division — I think it’s more about shades of purple. But I also believe firmly that those who argue that there are no cultural regional differences are not being honest with themselves.