Email that makes me wonder why I bother

I don’t mind the monkey mail, the gloating conservatives who haven’t been this happy since Pulling-Down-the-Statue Day. But this sort of crap really gets on my nerves:

Many of us look to blogs as a gateway to more accurate, unbiased information than is available on the mainstream media. Your readers deserve better.

You, like Kerry, might find it easiest to simply walk away from a tough fight, but he owes the American people better than that (and you owe us readers and your supporters something too) …because it is about all of our votes counting not about him winning or losing.

And you as an alternative news resource owe us readers the opportunity to make up our minds by at least discussing the news of widespread irregularities in the election process.

Or are you so battle weary that you have resigned to the fact that we no longer live in a democracy?

What can I even say? To this reader specifically: if you feel you are “owed” anything you are in the wrong place. Go away. Go elsewhere. Your expectations far surpass anything you will ever find here, and you will only be disappointed.

…sorry, just had to get that one off my chest. You know, straw, camel’s back, blah blah blah. (Minor edits.)