Another busy day…

…including, yes, another flooded hallway. But I did want to note quickly that it looks like we may actually have won one, for a change.

At least for now. But I guess we have to take what we can get these days.

This is an interesting point:

One important factor in the breadth of the opposition is the fact that the research project is headed by Adm. John M. Poindexter. Several members of Congress have said that the admiral was an unwelcome symbol because he had been convicted of lying to Congress about weapons sales to Iran and illegal aid to Nicaraguan rebels, an issue with constitutional ramifications, the Iran-contra affair. The fact that his conviction was later reversed on the ground that he had been given immunity for the testimony in which he lied did not mitigate Congressional opinion, they said.

I never could decide if the Bushies were just so damned clueless, they didn’t understand how the appointment of Poindexter would be perceived — or if it was a deliberate middle finger aimed at anyone who cared.

In either case, it looks like it backfired on them.