Morning thoughts

Or maybe that should be ‘mourning thoughts.’ Not that I’m tossing in the towel just yet, but I’m also not oblivious to reality. The hell of it is, John Kerry actually ran a decent campaign. There are some things you can quibble with, but overall, I can’t really Monday morning quarterback him. The Democrats actually seemed to have their act together. They were organized, outspoken, worked hard at GOTV efforts.

And yet. Here we are.

I don’t really have the energy for a full post-mortem quite yet. Too little sleep for two nights running, and besides, I am of course not tossing in the towel just yet. But I do have one thought: those of you who “don’t agree with Bush on social issues,” but voted for him because you thought Kerry would somehow not be serious about the war, or maybe because you’ll do a little bit better on your taxes under Bush — I’m afraid you may get the country you deserve, a country in which conservative fundamentalist Christians are calling the shots on abortion and civil liberties and gay rights and a lot of other things you probably care about, or at least should. But hey, you made your bargain. It’s just too bad the rest of us — the 48% as of this writing, who voted for another, very different America — have to get dragged down with you.

Not that I am tossing in the towel just yet.

TBogg is not sounding like an optimist this morning:

Four more years of American soldiers being used as cannon fodder.

Four more years of scientific decisions being made by people who believe in a ghost in the clouds.

Four more years of debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay off.

Four more years of racists and lunatics for judicial appointments

Four more years of looting the treasury and squandering it on corporate cronies.

Four more years of making enemies faster than we can kill them.

Four more years of fear and darkness and racism and hatred and stupidity and guns and bad country music.

I look at the big map and all of the red in flyover country and I feel like I’ve been locked in a room with the slow learners. We have become the country that pulls a dry cleaning bag over its head to play astronaut.