More Republican shenanigans

Charleston County election officials cautioned South Carolinians on Friday to steer clear of a fake letter that threatens the arrest of voters who have outstanding parking tickets or have failed to pay child support.

“I’m outraged,” said Jill Miller, director of the Charleston County Board of Election and Voter Registration. “This is so bogus.”

The one-page letter poses as a message from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The Rev. Joe Darby, vice president of the state NAACP chapter, said he received the letter at his home in Charleston. It had Columbia postmark with no return address.

He said the letter was an attempt to scare minorities from voting Tuesday because the author of the message assumes black people are in trouble with the law.

“This is old South Carolina politics,” said Darby. “I don’t think anybody will fall for this.”

Story here (via TPM.)