Confused correspondent

I’m not sure why the author of the email below included me on the cc list (which otherwise consisted of partisan Republican bloggers, from what I could tell), but I’m happy to share it with you (in full). Always important to keep up with what the other side is thinking.

we are sending you this e-mail to ask for your support in breaking the story about joh kerry, being direcdted by hanoi, the msm is not covering it, and the american people need to be told about this before the elections, it will be a tradgety if kerry is elected, please do you best to break this story

Consider yourself, um, warned.

(…”msm”, for those of you not up on these things, is right wing goofball slang for “mainstream media,” i.e., any source of information other than Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the Republican blogs.)