As noted above…

I’ve just updated the Crass Commercialism section. I always get a steady stream of requests for t-shirts, but more readers than usual thought that last week’s cartoon (“Like Father, Like Son”) would make a nifty fashion statement (probably because — unlike most of my work — it’s concise enough that passersby might get the gist of it without pausing and staring at the wearer’s chest for several minutes).

Up til now, this just hasn’t been something I’ve had time to deal with. But I’ve finally realized that the fast-paced world of the internet has caught up with my needs, in the form of on-demand printing. Following the lead of the Propaganda Remix Project and the parody site (and many others — I clearly haven’t been paying attention here), I’ve set up a store at Cafe Shops, and if you go and browse through it, it looks like there must be a whole damn warehouse full of Tom Tomorrow crap somewhere — but none of it exists until you order it. If there’s anything there you want, you may well be the only person on the planet who owns that particular item.

I, um, got a little carried away with the selection of available products, so if you’ve been dreaming of a Sparky lunch box or a Blinky tote bag — or even one of these — well, today’s your lucky day, champ.