According to an ad in the latest New Yorker, they’ve just published a book-and-CD set which purports to contain every cartoon ever published in that magazine. Now, I had several cartoons published in the New Yorker between 1999 and 2002 (when I finally gave up trying to get political satire I could be proud of past the editorial timidity of the post-9/11 period). And if memory serves — it’s been awhile and the relevant files are still in storage somewhere — I never did sign the standard contract giving them the right to reprint my work without first getting my permission. As a self-syndicated cartoonist, I’m very leery of such rights grabs. So unless I caved at some point and signed the contract, and subsequently blotted the entire episode from memory, either this book/cd package reprints my work without permission, in which case someone from the magazine really needs to give me a call to discuss compensation, or the book is misrepresented in the advertisement. Be curious to know which it is.

…a reader tells me I’m not in the index, so I guess the answer would be (b), “misrepresentation.”