Site business

As you may have noticed, a few blogads have started popping up in the margins. I’ve got three categories of ads — one premium top-of-the-page spot in each column, and the normal ad strip on the right. (For some reason, only the left premium ad is showing up on the main Blogads page — I’m hoping they’ll get that straightened out soon…?)

My policy on advertising is mostly intuitive, and subject to constant revision, so nothing I say here should be set in stone. Nonetheless, my sense of it so far is that I don’t really think that I should accept ads from specific political candidates, though advocacy ads from MoveOn and the like are more than welcome. And while I’m going to try to keep things mostly site-appropriate, I should note that advertising here does not constitute an explicit endorsement from me.

Having said that, I do want to welcome this site’s charter advertisers and thank them for their support. Click through, check them out. The click-through stats show up on Blogads — help me demonstrate that advertising on this site attracts eyeballs.