Home again…

…and beat. But I wanted to extend sincere thanks to all the Buffalovians, or Buffaloviators, or whatever you call yourselves, who braved the weather last night to watch the cartoonist rant. Your hospitality was much appreciated.

And a more-important-than-usual Unscientific Poll Watch: some jackasses are trying to rev up the good old days of McCarthyism and blacklists. Go here, right now, and vote in favor of actor David Clennon’s right to speak his damn mind. (It’s one vote per logged IP, and you have to give an email address. I know that sort of thing is likely to bother some of you, but there’s always Hotmail. I think this one matters. Given the cowardice of the networks, this guy’s career might well be on the line here.)

Afterthought from a reader: “Please suggest that readers not only vote, but that they add posts to their own blogs to get their readers to vote. Right now it’s 2:1 for firing him. Gotta do all we can. First amendment and all that…”

Consider yourselves asked.

Afterthought two: the folks at MWO, who know a thing or two about rallying the troops, suggest contacting CBS directly with support for Clennon. Go here, and then click “feedback” (it’s kind of hidden at the very bottom of the page).