New York

As I’ve mentioned, the Republicans picked a piss-poor week to hold their convention, at least for me personally. If they’d held it mid-summer like a normal political party, rather than pushing it to the first week of September in yet another pathetic attempt to exploit 9/11, I’d have been able to attend, but there’s too much going on with my family this week for me to be able to duck out. So I’m watching a distance, like most of you. Yesterday’s march looked extraordinary on C-Span. It gets harder and harder to marginalize that vast percentage of the population which distrusts the President. Not that the effort won’t be made, of course.

Next week, things quiet down at home, just in time for me to head to Colorado, where I’ll be travelling on a bus with John Sayles for a few days. He’s promoting a new film, raising some money for local environmental groups, and generally hosting a sort of rolling salon. I’ll be a part of the pre-screening festivities at each of the venues; I’ll post more details as I have them.

For now…if you’re in New York, and you have stories to tell, you should send them to me for posting.