“The president has taught the humorless left to be funny again.”

So the New York Times informs us, in Sunday’s Arts & Leisure section. My short critique: bullshit. My slightly longer critique: the stereotype of the “humorless left” was never really true to begin with, but now there are so many high-profile liberal/left comedians and humorists that the falseness of that stereotype can no longer be ignored. But rather than acknowledge that there have actually been quite a lot of left-leaning funny people out there all along (and I will immodestly include myself in that category — enough of you seem to at least get an occasional chuckle out of what I do), the new paradigm is that the left has suddenly become funny in response to GWB.

Which brings us back to my short critique: bullshit.

(Memo to those of you who think it will be very clever to point out that this is a relatively humorless post: golly, what a zinger! I sure didn’t see that one coming!)