Reading comprehension

Bob Harris, below:

Finally, no, of course this isn’t supposed to be more important than other issues like the War On Tara, “voting” machines which are anything but, the slow Guantanamization of American life, or the rest of our impending doom during the incompetent reign of a corrupt alcoholic chimpanzee who thinks he talks to God. September, as described below, is National Frighten The Children Just Before The Election month. That alone is way more a part of our future than whether or not Bush slugged a guy, drove drunk, dodged Vietnam, profited from insider trades, took sadistic delight in executing people, or ignored repeated warnings about Al-Qaeda until it was too goddam late.

Any number of conservatives who have emailed me instead of Bob:

Are you kidding? A rugby game? Ha ha ha! Is that the very worst you can come up with?

Well, no. And if you go a little slower, and maybe work on sounding out the syllables the way Hooked on Phonics taught you, you might have a better shot at understanding the actual meaning of the words Bob has written.

And that Bob is not Tom.