Reliable sources

Yahoo runs a story from the official newsletter of the Republican party, the Washington Times, which in turn quotes an unnamed official who tells us that al Qaeda plans to disrupt the election because “the view of Al-Qaeda is ‘anybody but Bush.'”

Interesting choice of words, isn’t it — given that the view of the Democrats this campaign season is often described, rightly or wrongly, as “anybody but Bush.”

It’s a not so subtle way of suggesting that a vote for Kerry is a vote for al Qaeda. Which is what the Republicans would like us to believe. They sure don’t have much else to run on.

And of course, for whatever it may be worth, al Qaeda has reportedly said exactly the opposite.

Look, I have no doubt that al Qaeda wants to hurt us again. But as I’ve tried to point out before, trying to figure out what al Qaeda wants or doesn’t want us to do is really a fool’s game.