United for Peace update

From the United for Peace site:

We are, however, facing a major fight over our basic democratic right to public protest. At our February 4 meeting with lawyers for New York City and the NYPD, our request for a march permit was again refused. We have asked to assemble near the United Nations, march directly past the U.N., and then continue through Manhattan to a rally at Central Park. We are consulting with our lawyers and will announce our next step late on Wednesday, February 5.

With only 10 days remaining before February 15, the continued stonewalling by the police can only be seen as an active effort to prevent us from voicing our opposition to this war. We will not be silenced — the streets of New York will be filled with a cry for peace.

What can you do? Make more phone calls (numbers below). Make your travel plans. Recruit your friends. Donate some money. Fill more buses, hand out more leaflets — and we’ll see you in New York City on February 15.

**NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 212-788-9600, 212-788-3010, 212-788-3040
**NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
**NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6710

My fellow New Yorkers, and my fellow leftie bloggers, might want to help get the word out on this one.

Here’s more, from the Associated Press:

NEW YORK — An anti-war group sued the city today for denying it a parade permit to march past the United Nations next week.

The lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeks a declaration from the court that the city’s position violates the First Amendment and for an order permitting a parade of between 50,000 and 100,000 people to take place.

* * *

The court papers noted that the city routinely issues permits for large-scale marches in midtown Manhattan, including the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the Puerto Rican Day parade and the Thanksgiving Day parade.

They also noted that the city has allowed huge marches by gay and lesbian groups and groups urging support of nuclear disarmament.