One more day

As last night’s enigmatic post indicates, I keep getting swept up into these odd little adventures. Billy Baldwin was on Air America right before me, and I asked if he had any more tickets to the Creative Coalition party, where the Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to be playing. He said I could just go over with him. Then Michael Moore and his swirling media frenzy appeared out of nowhere and we ended up doing a joint radio interview — I can’t get away from this guy. We got cut off at a hard break and had to clear out so Eric Alterman could take his turn, so off the air I made Sam Seder promise to explain that we had to leave suddenly to go fight crime. Then shared a cab with Baldwin over to the Creative Coalition party where I talked with quite the range of people, from a sitting FCC commissioner to the head of the Teamsters to Harry Shearer to a group of Boston firefighters.

The only bummer is that I never made it to the blogger party, but everything’s a tradeoff.