Drudge stole my photo of O’Reilly and Michael Moore (below). Without giving credit, of course.

Update — notes from reader Glenn F:

Did you notice that, apart from flipping the photo, there are other changes

The light that was red is now green.

And the street signs aren’t backwards.

So at first I thought maybe it was possible it was another camera, from a
different angle, a second later or sooner. Then I looked closer…

Traffic is exactly the same. Everyone’s expressions are the same. And the
traffic signs AREN’T flipped… meaning that they are directing traffic into
the barricade. And both lights are green (having driven in Boston only once, I
don’t know if that happens much…)…

So it looks like Drudge and his ilk try and change a picture just enough so
you can’t claim it to be yours. But they aren’t very good at hiding the
facts… sounds very Republican to me!

Anybody save Drudge’s version of the picture? I can’t find it on his site any more.