Working out the kinks

On the ground in Boston. Almost couldn’t log into the blog because the password is stored on the computer at home and it’s been so long since we set up Movable Type that I couldn’t remember what the hell it was. That’ll be great, I thought. I’m credentialed as a blogger this year, I’ll explain to people, but I’m not doing any blogging because I forgot my password.

One other glitch, with a new digital camera (old one went on the fritz a couple of days ago): anyone know why a Nikon Coolpix 3200 would have a constant battery drain, even while turned completely off? This is the camera with which I hope to record the convention, so this could be a problem. (Is it possible that an SD card which is not on Nikon’s approved list could somehow be the culprit?) Input welcome from those of you who are wise in these matters: tomtomorrow(atsymbol)ix(dot)netcom(dot)com.