A bonus cartoon…

…to make up for the lack of posting this month:

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This is my latest cartoon for The American Prospect. (I’ve got one in every issue but they don’t post them online, unfortunately.) It was something I wrote well ahead of time so the Prospect would have something to run during my move, but it turns out to be accidentally timely — coinciding as it does with the release of Outfoxed, Robert Greenwald’s guerilla documentary about the Fox “News” Channel. Some eye-opening stuff in that film, even for someone who watches these things as carefully as I do. For instance, I’m somewhat embarassed to admit that I never picked up on the “Some People Say” riff widely in use at Fox as a way of introducing unsourced allegations (“Some people say John Kerry is a traitorous coward — how do you respond?”) And I also didn’t know that while Carl Cameron was out covering the Bush campaign in 2000, his wife was out actively campaigning for Bush. But the best part of the DVD is when the Foxies are allowed to speak for themselves, in rapid-fire clips montages highlighting things like the “some people say” bit. Great fun.