CAIRO, Egypt – A video posted Tuesday on an Islamic militant Web site showed the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq (news – web sites), and said the execution was carried out by an al-Qaida affiliated group to avenge the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers.

The video showed five men wearing headscarves and black ski masks, standing over a bound man in an orange jumpsuit — similar to a prisoner’s uniform — who identified himself as Nick Berg, a U.S. contractor whose body was found on a highway overpass in Baghdad on Saturday.

Things just get worse and worse. What a goddamn mess we’re in over there.

…the Fox news anchors waste no time in exploiting this: see, the terrorists do far worse things than happened at Abu Ghraib. No one contests this, of course, but what a pathetic standard it sets: the American military — not as bad as al Qaeda!

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…Markos reminds us that the administration could have taken out Zarqawi in 2002, but didn’t — for political reasons.

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