Outrage overload

It just goes on and on.

A Middle Eastern immigrant alleges he was violated during a body-cavity search at a federal jail following the Sept. 11 attacks.

The lawsuit filed Monday by the man and another former detainee contends they were put in solitary confinement, beaten and verbally abused by jail guards. They were later cleared of allegations that they had terrorist ties but were deported.

Unlike a pending civil complaint by other Sept. 11 detainees, also in Brooklyn federal court, the new suit identifies guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center by their last names and accuses them of more extreme abuses.

Ehab Elmaghraby, a former restaurateur, and Javaid Iqdal, a former cable technician, “were subjected to numerous unreasonable and unnecessary” strip searches, the suit says.

One guard allegedly paraded Elmaghraby naked in front of a female co-worker. The same guard later inserted a flashlight into Elmaghraby’s rectum as others watched, the suit said.

Both men say they were shackled, punched and called “Muslim bastards” and other epithets. They also allege they were kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and denied adequate meals and medical care.