Con game


The president has laid out his agenda. Call it bold, brilliant, audacious or outrageous. But don’t call it “conservative.”

Real conservatives promote fiscal prudence, public accountability and limited government. But the policies promoted by Mr. Bush and his party, as outlined in the State of the Union speech, is a sad parody of those values. Bush and company are running a con game ” they seek to gain our CONfidence by assuring us they are CONservative. But their desire to hold political power has trumped genuine public-spirited principle and the values they profess.

Fiscal prudence? The keystone of today’s “conservative” agenda is a dedication to tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, even though doing so will increase the deficit. That’s short-term thinking at its worst. Because of those tax breaks, the faltering economy and the war on terrorism, some economists estimate we’ll have deficits of $300 billion a year for the foreseeable future. The next generation of Americans will bear the burden of that debt. There’s something profoundly immoral about financing tax breaks for today’s wealthiest Americans by borrowing money from the unborn.